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Macaran goes green

Macaran increases its efforts toward sustainable packaging while reducing its carbon footprint:

Internally, macaran printed products has invested in several upgrades that not only improve our facilities energy consumption and waste but also improve the manufacturing process.

Facility and waste management upgrades
  • We invested in new lighting and other equipment in an effort to reduce the amount of electricity used. The investments have resulted in an approximately 20% reduction in the amount of energy used to run our facility.
  • We converted to Cyrel flexographic print and thermal platemaking processes. Life Cycle Assessment studies have shown that the new processes result in a reduction in non-renewable energy of approximately 60% and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 51% when compared to a solvent platemaking process. In addition, because the plates improve our processes overall, we are adding less to the waste stream.
  • We are involved with Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. ECS works with National Grid to pool businesses that are willing to reduce their energy usage in times of stress on the grid. By working with companies like ours, National Grid is able to manage capacity by reducing the maximum demand it must be capable of meeting, thereby reducing the demands on the environment.
Manufacturing upgrades
  • We offer materials with water soluble adhesives that can be washed off the containers, resulting in a purer recycling stream.
  • We use solvent-free, water-based or UV curable inks, both of which are among the most environmental friendly inks available to the industry.
  • Eco-friendly stocks are available for the appropriate applications. In addition, we can work with our suppliers and customers to spec in thinner gauge film stocks
  • We have reduced our waste through lean manufacturing efforts. Some of the areas include a reduction of waste caused by the size of the print targets needed on 4 color process jobs; improved press speeds (reducing the amount of time needed to process an order); increased capacity on existing equipment; increased material yield; etc.


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